Language Services


We offer language services to advertising agencies, corporations, private companies and government departments.

When marketing, your focus is to increase your bottom line, and doing so requires that your content be geared towards not only to the language but also to the culture. A native speaker or completely fluent translator is a must.

Cultural differences make non-literal translations necessary for a number of reasons. The most obvious is idiomatic expressions, but beyond that, certain references have different significance in different cultures.


We have a team of experienced, professional language service specialists.
The benefits of using a native speaker or completely fluent speaker of the target language are indubitable. You get not only proper grammar and the correct translation, but you also get all of the nuances. This is especially important where cultural relevance and plays on words come into effect. Making your advert culturally relevant will allow your message to resonate with your audience on a much larger scale.


We transcribe audio from DVD or CD to written format. You can either email the sound/video clip (MP3/WAV/Quicktime Movie/WMV/FLV etc.) to us or mail/ courier the CD or DVD.


Our production team can assist you by managing all aspects of
your production. From quoting and casting, through to booking talent, scheduling audio production time and final material delivery.

Voice Artists and Language Supervision

At Native Bird Media we understand that being a voice artist is not only about having an interesting voice and that getting the language right is more than just being able to read or speak it. We take pride in and respect our diverse languages. It is important to us that the artists are native speakers of the language so as to sound authentic and believable.

A non-native speaker may unintentionally commit a cultural faux-pas even if the meaning of the words are correctly translated

We have a database of experienced voice artists across the different languages. Voice clips of the artists will be sent to you for approval before the recording day.

To ensure proper pronunciation and avoid any comebacks from the radio and television stations, a language supervisor will always be present at the recordings.



If the language you require does not appear on our list, please give us a call or drop us an email and we will source the language service for you.


Audio Visual

Our team of skilled creatives produce high quality videos from concept development, scripting, filming, editing right through to the final product.

We produce:

Television Programs
Corporate Videos
Induction Videos
Training Videos
Music Videos

We cover events and conferences

Motion Graphics

Let our graphics department help you bring your brand to life.

Graphic Design